• Web solutions

    .NET Core & ReactJS or ASP.NET MVC

  • Mobile solutions

    Xamarin (iOS & Android) & UWP

  • Cloud solutions

    Google Cloud or Azure or S3

about us

aveneo - software house

We are a software house from Poznań (Poland), where many innovative cloud, web and mobile solutions come to life. Our technological stack is mainly based on Microsoft products and .NET platform. Our internal standards, along with agile methodology, allow us to provide technologically advanced solutions with clear code, tests and documentation in a relatively short period of time.


We create web applications with the highest care for details. The structure of our solutions allow for easy scalability with the use of minimal costs. Our solutions are not only fast, but most importantly - responsive, which allows us to be ahead of other standard websites.


Thanks to Xamarin, creating an app suitable for the most popular mobile platforms (iOS/Android) takes less time then it would while using any other platform. This means less costs or a higher budget to bring amazing new solutions to life.


Distributed data processing tailored to your needs. Thanks to Azure and Google Cloud, critical elements of our solutions can really spread their wings. They become highly-efficient and highly-accessible all at the same time, combined with the most sublime algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


released projects


projects for EU programs


years of experience


millions of code lines


We are open-minded for new experiences, but in these areas we have tons of experience.

B2B & B2C

Business solutions designed for Internet and intranet. E-commerce, business process managment, partners cooperation.

Custom workflow

Solutions in which workflows are unconventional. Tools that are not reflected in classic IT systems.

VOD & live streaming

Internet and mobile television for all popular platforms. Live and on demand streaming. In 4K.

Industry & IoT

Solutions supporting the production and postproduction process. Space shuttle, garbage or washing machine. Our solutions allows you to process collected data, create neural networks and increase intelligence of machines.


Closed Circuit TV as video monitoring system with access from any web browser with real time streaming, integrated recorder, motion recognition and alarm system.

Payment, leasing and credit platforms

A platform with an automated decision and risk analysis system. Online payments, handling applications and contracts. Debt service, document flow, billing and invoicing.

Why us?

Our code remains clear, legible and optimized. All of that owing to a couple of rules we live by within our team..

  • Always in schedule

    Thanks to the agile methodology, we achieve the goal using "small steps" method, which allows us to make visible progress every week. Thanks to this, completing the schedule is not a challenge for us. It is something completely natural.

  • Experience

    The rich diversity of projects allows us to better understand the business processes of our clients. Thanks to that, we are able to adjust the solution to a given demand, and also to optimize it by reducing unnecessary                                                      costs.

  • Approachability

    We try to bring every customer close to the technology as much as possible. We do not provide black boxes to our clients. We focus on transparency and full understanding IT.

  • Guarantee and support

    Lifetime warranty on the code and 12 months for the complete solution. Extremely short reaction times to issue reports. Maintenance contracts for high-availability platforms with response time of less than one hour, 7 days per week, 365 days a year.

  • Standards

    We stick to our internal standards that have been worked out concerning both, backend and frontend, as well as rigorous workflow with repositories and team working tools.

  • Code review

    Every single code line requires checking by at least two other members of the team. This makes us 100% certain, that it’s compatible with our standards, written in an optimal way and safe.

  • Tests

    The whole solution is being tested every single time, based on previously prepared scenarios. Code is tested with the help of unit tests, which are being created simultaneously with the code.

  • Documentation

    For each solution we can create several types of documentation: pre-design, code, post-project, implementation, user manual. We also create audits of existing solutions as well as full IT analyses.

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