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about us

aveneo - software house

We are a software house from Poznań, where many innovative cloud, web and mobile solutions come to life. Our technological stack is mainly based on the .NET platform with the rich frontend technology. Our inner standards and methods allow us to provide technologically advanced solutions with clear code, tests and documentation in a relatively short period of time. Thanks to the team’s soft skills we are able to develop projects from scratch until the implementation, however, we are perfectly capable of developing and supporting already existing solutions.


We create web applications with the highest care for details. The structure of our solutions allows for easy scalability with the use of minimal costs. Our solutions are not only fast, but most importantly - responsive, which allows us to be ahead of other standard websites.


Thanks to the .NET platform creating an app suitable for three of the most popular mobile platforms (iOS/Android/Windows Phone) takes 1/3 of the amount of time it would take while using any other platform. This means using up only one third of the planned budget, or simply 3 times more budget to bring new mobile solutions to life.


Distributed data processing tailored to your needs. Thanks to Azure, critical elements of our solutions can really spread their wings. They become highly-efficient and highly-accessible all at the same time, combined with the most sublime algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Out solutions

We have 4 main areas of activity, but we are openminded for new experiences.

  • B2B & B2C

    Business solutions designed for Internet and intranet.

  • Dedicated/custom applications

    Apps, in which the workflow is unconventional.

  • Solutions for the industry

    Solutions supporting the industrial process.

  • Leasing solutions

    Complete solution for leasing companies with automated applications decision process.


We work using the SCRUM development process, which has been optimized for the needs of our clients, as well as our own. Over the years we’ve worked out rigoristic, high standards thanks to which we have been able to deliver unified, clear code, which has been submit to several certification audits. Microsoft Team Foundation Server helps us in organizing our work, however we also use solutions used by our clients, such as Jira or Redmine. We mostly store our code in repositories based on GIT and TFS.

.NET platform
Frontend (JS/HTML5/CSS)
Web design

Technology stack

Although the list of technologies we’ve worked with is very long, we feel as though we’re connected to only a few, which we find most suitable for us. We deeply believe, that a carefully picked technological stack is the key to success and a long-term perspective to develop a certain solution, without the need to modify its bases.

  • .NET (C#)

    We base all or our solutions on the .NET platform.


    The most common technologies among out web solutions.

  • Orchard / Dragonfly

    CMS systems on which we base our solutions – a project form Microsoft.

  • Entity Framework / nHibernate

    Two ORM systems which we use interchangeably.

  • Xamarin

    Provides us .NET for most platforms, including mobile and macOS/Linux.

  • JavaScript

    Our JS code is compatible with ES6.

  • ReactJS

    Our modern projects use this frontend framework.

  • HTML5

    Standard within all of our solutions.

  • CSS3/SASS/Bootstrap

    Responsive, structural, fast, beautiful.

  • Kendo UI

    The most commonly used and recommended by us set of commercial controls.

Why us?

Our code remains clear, legible and optimized. All of that owing to a couple of rules we live by within our team..

  • Standards

    We stick to the inner standards that have been worked out concerning both, backend and frontend, as well as rigoristic workflow with repositories and team working tools.

  • Code review

    Every single code line requires checking by at least two other members of the team. This makes us 100% certain, that it’s compatible with our standards, written optimally and safe.

  • Tests

    The plain solution is being tested every single time, based on previously prepared scenarios. Code is tested with the help of unity tests, which are being created simultaneously with the code.

  • Documentation

    We create several types of documents – prior to the project, code, past the project, implementation and user manuals.

  • Guarantee and support

    Lifetime warranty of code, exceptionally fast reaction time - one hour from the report, 7 days a week.

Contact us

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